We're still relatively new at the whole internet thing, so bear with us on the media stuff.
Here's a snippet of what we got up to on the day of Peace's Glasgow stopover on the Happy People tour. Excellent bunch of lads, with a lovely trail of fans who would follow them to the moon and back. We also brought them some Macarons because they'd never actually had any before. Macarons came from a little place in the West End we can't remember the name of because we're incompetent and forgot. Enjoy the video. Or don't enjoy it. It's fine. Just please be kind. (And if you do decide to watch it, do it in HD please.) 

Videography by Simon Murphy
Edited by Kristina Ross

Hangin' low with Peace on their Glasgow Stopover of the Happy People tour. And macarons. @ohmyedinburgh

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