A Tea Party with Andrew W.K.

Andrew W.K. is the 'King of Partying'

And on a more personal level, he helped me party the way through my early years in high school. Listening to Andrew W.K. made you that little bit cooler, and even though I couldn't skate and I wasn't allowed to wear eyeliner yet - I had Andrew W.K. on my mp3. And people wanted some of that shared earphone action during break. 

14 years later, side fringe now abandoned and wristbands long forgotten. I now commit to a full fringe and spend most of my time rubbing shoulders with people who drink water out of bags. Somewhere in the midst of my millennial life, I realised Andrew W.K. was back. And so was my obsession.

So, I decided to meet with The Party King. And I did it the only way I knew how - the way my mother taught me.

He gave some advice.

I learned.

But the main thing is - we got to eat cake. Sort of.

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Andrew W.K.'s album 'You're Not Alone' is out now! 

Special thanks; 
Filming: Troy Edige and An Phan
Cakes: Moonage Cakedreams 
Music: 'Party Hard' classical cover by Joe Robb

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