Anstruther | Where Tom Hanks Goes to Chill


I don’t think there’s a better British stereotype than Fish and Chips. We all like them differently - Some prefer with red (meh), some prefer with brown (and LOADS of it), some prefer with mushy peas (nope) and some prefer with no fish at all (Rather, a half pizza instead. Smothered in batter and a potential heart attack. I’m into it.)

Yes, being in Great Britain means there’s a chip shop near us all. I can guarantee you’re probably further away from a hospital than you are your local takeaway. Unless you’re a nurse. Or actually live near a hospital. 

So let’s see, if we’re all within the ten minute radius of a local chip shop- Why on earth did I travel all of forty minutes in a car to go to the tiny village of Anstruther, to then wait in a twenty minute queue for.. fish and chips? ‘The Anstruther Fish Bar’. That’s why.  


You see, there’s a big difference between fish’n’chips and a ‘fish supper’ - One takes residence in an award winning fish bar, another taking residence until 3am next to the bar.
Anstruther’s world famous and yet local feeling fish bar has been visited by the likes of The Royal Family and Tom-freaking-Hanks. Exactly. If it’s good enough for Hanks, it’s probably going to have a cameo in his biopic one day.

So let’s get down to the real reason we’re willing to queue out the door and down the street for this place. The fish is caught fresh every morning and served afore you within hours. This means that the gluttonous feeling we all get after a local chippy doesn’t actually exist in Anstruther. To think, this exists. In Fife. Amazing.


A reinvention of binge food, made into something incredibly organic and guiltless – and at £8 for a full fish, chips, bread and butter, hot cup of tea and all the condiments you could ever want… Just throw in an Irn Bru and you’re eating a portion that could easily be designed for two at just under a tenner.
Once dinner is done, you can make your way over to the old sweet shop, grab an ice cream (or any childhood tuck shop item under the sun) before you decide to go for a stroll down the village, past the harbour and along the pier.


Despite the amount of tourists that visit Anstruther, there remains no novelty to the place. You can still watch the local fisherman sit with their nets, see the children out and about with their school for the annual scavenger hunt and most importantly, the Fife coastal route to get to Anstruther alone is enough reason to visit. The fish and chips at the end, are just a fantastic reward.

Kristina RossComment